Artist's Statement

My images explore the architecture of form.

They juxtapose biotic structures with the geometric idiom of architecture, architectural drawing, and technology. Designed over eons through natural selection, the human form intersects with mechanical forms, man-made designs whose geometric constitution compliments and contrasts with the curvilinear constitution of biotic forms.

I de-contextualize these forms from the environments in which they inhere, and re-assemble them in design space. Their collocation explores nodes of intersection between the anatomy of biotic and technological entities.

In this re-assemblage, the images underscore the phenomenology of the line and the manner in which it, as a tool of representation, redraws ontological boundaries and reconstitutes familiar entities into uncanny traversals.

While biotic life increasingly finds itself integrated into abiotic yet cybernetic entities, which at present more than ever stand to reconfigure the boundaries of intelligence by proliferating and dispersing the centres of information processing and storage, my images explore these forms outside the pragmatic constrains that dictate their real-world interaction.


Angjelin Hila is by turns a visual artist, writer, philosopher, rambunctious knave, half-dunce, and full imbecile who resides in Toronto. Once he unrepentantly strode through mud with brand new shoes and later attended a graduation ceremony without bothering to clean them. Another time he ravenously consumed a juicy pear at a meeting as its sap dribbled all over his muzzle, and revelled in the looks of bewilderment it drew. 

Angjelin has a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and English Literature, and a Masters Degree in Information Science from the University of Toronto. Angjelin's art, prose, and essays have been featured in many local journals and publications.

For more information on Angjelin's work, to get in touch regarding employment opportunities, or to just spew hatred, feel free to get in touch.

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